Objectives are to reduce risks, minimize the impact on business operations, and simplify compliance with GxP requirements


Pari Selects smartShift Intelligent Automation® for SAP S/4HANA Transformation of Validated SAP Environments. (Credit: Mockup Graphics on Unsplash)

German medical device manufacturer PARI and smartShift, leading global provider of Intelligent Automation for SAP transformations based in Mannheim/Germany, announce their collaboration on the planned S/4HANA transformation for PARI group’s validated SAP systems.

PARI is currently transforming its core SAP systems to SAP S/4HANA. PARI chose smartShift’s innovative Intelligent Automation to customize and modernize in-house developments. The main reasons for this decision are to reduce project risks, minimize the impact on business operations during transformation, and simplify compliance requirements resulting from GxP.

“smartShift brings a lot of experience with the specifics of validated system environments in an industry like ours” says Edgar Osswald, Head of Information Technology & Digitization at PARI Group. “We are very happy that smartShift and PARI have come together so that we can now go into this critical S/4HANA transformation much more relaxed, and also with a much more compact schedule.”

“We are pleased to support PARI, our next customer in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry, on its journey to S/4HANA,” says Arndt Hoffmann, Chief Customer Officer at smartShift, “We know and understand the requirements and criticality of validated systems. Our automation brings significant benefits ‘out of the box’ in terms of documentation, quality, and consistency. These benefits directly impact documentation and testing efforts in validated environments. We look forward to bringing these benefits to PARI and ensuring a smooth S/4HANA transformation.”

Source: Company Press Release