Masimo Corporation (Masimo), a provider of noninvasive patient monitoring technologies, including medical devices and a wide array of sensors, has sold 86 Masimo Rad-57 Pulse CO-Oximeters to Fire Department of New York City (FDNY) to improve the survivability of firefighters and victims suffering from carbon monoxide (CO) toxicity. This purchase is first responder deployment of Rad-57s which makes FDNY the largest department in US to provide a department-wide program for noninvasive carbon monoxide monitoring.

The Masimo Rad-57 Pulse CO-Oximeter enables EMS and fire department first responders to quickly, accurately, and noninvasively detect carbon monoxide poisoning on the scene. FDNY will put its 86 new Rad-57s to work throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City on all 35 of its HazTac and rescue ambulances, Supervisor units, and Major Emergency Response Vehicles, allowing for prompt and possibly life-saving treatment for both victims and firefighters alike.

According to John Peruggia, Chief of EMS for the Fire Department City of New York, the Masimo Rad-57 Pulse CO-Oximeter has become a key component in FDNY fire and emergency medical response operations because it allows our EMTs and Paramedics to accurately evaluate a patient’s blood chemistry, determine toxicity levels, and commence initial treatment of patients found to be poisoned by CO, all within seconds. The Rad-57 has also become an integral part of firefighter rehab, with all fire personnel being evaluated for CO after operating at large fire incidents, to insure responder health and safety. Expanding our utilization of the Rad-57 with this purchase is a natural progression of the success we have achieved, both in terms of lives saved and hazards averted.

Masimo founder and chief executive officer, Joe E. Kiani, stated: We are particularly proud that they have chosen the Rad-57 to help ensure the public health and safety of all New York City residents, visitors, and first responders.