KarmelSonix (Israel) Ltd announced that it will be completing the study of WIM-PC by December 2009.

WIM-PC is intended for the analysis, interpretation and documentation of lung sounds. It is a computer based electronic stethoscope that utilizes two contact sensors simultaneously to acquire, amplify, filter, record and analyze pulmonary sounds from the trachea and thorax and provides high fidelity audio outputs, visual displays and printed reports.

The PulmoTrack 2010 with WIM-PC Technologies device indicated for acoustic pulmonary function measurement that quantifies the presence of wheezing. This study was designed in order to evaluate the efficacy and safety of using the WIM-PC device for wheeze detection during dynamic bronchial situations in asthmatic adult. The 50 patients study is not yet open for participant recruitment. Official title of the study is Wheeze Detection in Adults During Dynamic Bronchial Situations Measured by PulmoTrack 2010 With WIM-PC Technologies Recording.