IntriCon Corporation (IntriCon), a company focused in advanced miniature and micro-miniature products for medical, electronics, and professional audio and communications, has planned to launch its Mobile Patient ECG Telemetry System, or MPETS. This Cardiac Diagnostic Monitoring (CDM) device will be unveiled at the 2009 American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions, Nov. 15-17, in Orlando, Florida.

In the Orange County Convention Center, IntriCon/Datrix will introduce the MPETS, a next-generation wireless outpatient monitoring tool, which uses a proven automatic arrhythmia detection algorithm.

“This is an exciting time for IntriCon and great news for cardiac diagnostic OEMs and their patients,” said Mark S. Gorder, president and chief executive officer at IntriCon. “We have leveraged Datrix’s cardiac monitoring capabilities and IntriCon’s marketing abilities to develop a new wireless cardiac monitoring device that allows for more patient comfort and the ability to identify asymptomatic cardiac events including atrial fibrillation, Brady arrhythmia, tachy arrhythmia and cardiac pause.”