RP-Vantage combines InTouch Health’s core Remote Presence technology with multiple camera ‘vantage points’ tailored for surgical telementoring and remote procedure collaboration in operating and procedure rooms.

RP-Vantage provides remote presence solutions for medical device companies to support medical education, product development, clinical study monitoring, training, and marketing initiatives.

The design and features of RP-Vantage were developed from a series of studies where a remote presence device was used in general, orthopedic, urologic and cardiovascular surgeries as a tool for surgical telementoring and collaboration.

RP-Vantage will accelerate the adoption of medical devices and procedures in a safe manner and drive improved clinical outcomes. With RP-Vantage, a remote surgeon can avoid the time, cost and inconvenience of travel and be ‘virtually’ collaborative with on-site surgeons.

Michael Mack, director of cardiovascular research and cardiovascular medicine at The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano, who participated in the clinical validation for RP-Vantage, said: “Proctoring and training surgeons and interventional cardiologists on new and complex techniques, especially in the field of transcatheter heart valves, is an emerging area of need.

“Technologies like RP-Vantage offer tremendous promise in enabling experienced surgeons and cardiologists to mentor learning heart teams on new techniques, as well as collaborate on complex cases without the overhead costs and related challenges of scheduling and travel.”

Charlie Huiner, vice president of healthcare enterprises at InTouch Health, said: “We are excited to launch RP-Vantage and look forward to working closely with medical device companies and their key surgeon opinion leaders to leverage this paradigm shifting technology to address the time and distance barriers, inefficiencies and costs of traditional models of surgeon education and training.

“We believe the use of RP-Vantage to complement existing surgeon training and medical education programs will be the first of many value-added use cases developed in our Healthcare Enterprises business unit around Remote Presence.”