Hitachi Medical Corporation, Inc. announced the release of digital ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus "HI VISION Preirus. Preirus, using the latest digital technology and new ideas mobilize the full potential of the Hitachi Group to probe the transmission and reception of ultrasonic waves (probe) with refurbished hardware equipment to achieve better picture. "Preirus" is a bold curve with handling design. In particular one can move simultaneously in one operation panels and monitors can be adjusted corresponding to the position and attitude tests. Large-screen LCD monitor is a touch screen built that enables the device to operate without taking eyes from the monitor to observe the image. In addition, the hardness of tissue imaging is a very popular Real-time Tissue Elastography, CT and MRI equipment to view images in real-time parallel tomographic ultrasound equipment and apparatus Real-time Virtual Sonography. Features: • Technology: The ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus is a high-quality digital signal processing circuitry with a probe of the ultrasonic sensor. It has been adopted as a single crystal piezoelectric device to probe the single-crystal probe cycle dexterity. Single-crystal probe has a broadband characteristics which can be obtained at high sensitivity than the piezoelectric ceramics having a crystal structure of the conventional. Using the latest digital technology, digital signal processing circuit dedicated to ultrasonograph Ultra BE (Ultrasound Broadband Engine) has been developed. • Design: Preirus has introduced a novel design incorporating a bold curve. Monitor and control panel can also adjust the height in one operation and easily change the location to test a variety of positions. This operator can proceed with testing in a comfortable position which reduces fatigue. The monitor is a touch screen and the operation of the equipment inspection screen is to be done on the same screen. This will reduce the operator's eye movement and monitors panel. The touch screen uses a large icon and is considered as a simple operation. In addition, GUI (Graphical User Interface) eliminates waste and features are made easy. The view is refined to focus on the test.