Hema Metrics and CHF Solutions announced that the Hema Metrics Crit-Line technology is available in the Aquadex FlexFlow Device of CHF Solutions Inc.

The Aquadex FlexFlow is used to deliver Aquapheresis therapy, a safe, predictable, and effective method to remove excess salt and water from patients with fluid overload. Recently elevated in treatment guidleines, Aquapheresis is available in over 250 medical centers and outpatient clinics worldwide and more than 22,000 patients have received this therapy to date.

The integrated Crit-Line technology, called CRIT-SAT, allows for the non-invasive measurement of hematocrit and oxygen saturation during the Aquaphersesis fluid removal process. This additional information provides an early window on each individual patient’s hemodynamic response and helps ensure that the most appropriate fluid removal is achieved.

Hematocrit monitoring with Aquaphersis provides enhanced peace-of-mind and further empowers healthcare professionals in their continuing efforts to achieve the guideline-directed treatment goal of euvolemia in fluid overloaded patients, said Dave Springer, President and CEO of CHF Solutions.

Hema Metrics is pleased to have joined forces with CHF Solutions said Patrick Moriarty, President and CEO of Hema Metrics. We have always believed the Crit-Line technology could be very useful in the treatment patients with fluid overload. Having the Crit-Line technology more readily available in the hospital setting will open more markets for Hema Metrics.