Cayenne Medical, Inc. announced that a Harvard clinical study published in a journal showed that Cayenne’s AperFix System and "Single Tunnel, Double Bundle" ACL reconstruction technique better resembles the natural, intact ACL when compared to the more common, "Single-Bundle" technique. Eight fresh-frozen human cadaveric knee specimens were tested in the study conducted at Harvard using a robotic testing system to investigate the response of the knee joint under various stresses and conditions. Four conditions, including: (1) intact ACL; (2) ACL ligament deficient; (3) single-bundle ACL reconstruction using the EndoButton CL (Smith & Nephew Endoscopy, Andover, MA) femoral fixation device, metallic interference screw (Arthrex, Naples, Florida) tibial fixation device and quadrupled hamstring tendons; and (4) Single-Tunnel, Double-Bundle ACL reconstruction using the AperFix System fixation devices and quadrupled hamstring tendons, were performed on each knee. Of all, the Cayenne Single-Tunnel, Double-Bundle ACL reconstruction proved to most resemble the natural, intact ACL and showed significantly superior kinematic results compared to the single-bundle reconstruction. The study results are an accomplishment of the AperFix technology, which provides surgeons with aperture fixation, superior pullout strength and active, circumferential tendon compression.