W. L. Gore & Associates announced that US FDA has approved its 31 mm diameter version of the GORE EXCLUDER AAA Endoprosthesis. The deivce is a safe and effective endovascular option to treat abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) in patients with aortic inner neck diameters up to 29 mm. Its enhanced flat-top design enables greater production efficiency, an extra pair of proximal anchors ensures excellent fixation, and a lengthening of the trunk from seven to eight cm accommodates larger anatomies. In May 2009 the 31 mm device will be in clinical use in US. The GORE EXCLUDER AAA Endoprosthesis uses a minimally invasive procedure to reduce the hospital stay, morbidity and mortality associated with surgery. The Gore device is combination of endovascular graft and stent that seals off the aneurysm and creates a new path for blood flow. Using a catheter-based delivery technique, the device is inserted through a small incision in the patient’s leg. The device self-expands using radial force once the physician has positioned the graft in the diseased aorta. Metal anchors help it secure to the walls of the aorta. The 31 mm GORE EXCLUDER Device comes in 13, 15 and 17 cm lengths. A new 32 mm x 4.5 cm Aortic Extender Component will find place in the device family as well. The new Trunk-Ipsilateral Leg and Aortic Extender Components are 20 Fr introducer sheath compatible.