In contrast the GORE EXCLUDER AAA Endoprosthesis, uses a minimally invasive procedure hence reducing the hospital stay, mortality and morbidity associated with surgery. The new 31 mm device provides physicians with a effective and safe endovascular option to treat AAAs in patients with aortic inner neck diameters up to 27 to 29 mm.

Dr. Zhou stated, “The 31 mm GORE EXCLUDER Device gives physicians the ability to treat patients with a wide range of anatomies, and the fact that it can be implanted using a minimally invasive procedure means that most patients recover faster and more comfortably.”

The Gore device is an endovascular graft and stent combination which isolates the aneurysm from systemic blood flow. Dr. Zhou inserted the 31 mm GORE EXCLUDER Device in the patient’s leg through a small incision using a catheter-based delivery technique to treat the AAA. As the stent-graft was positioned in the diseased aorta, the device was released from the delivery catheter. The patient was discharged and is doing well.

“The GORE EXCLUDER Device has consistently shown superior performance in treating AAAs, and we are pleased one of the first clinical uses of the 31 mm device in the US has been a success,” said David Abeyta, Aortic Business Unit Leader at Gore. “The expanded sizing options for the GORE EXCLUDER Device continue a long Gore history of providing physicians like Dr. Zhou with innovative treatment solutions that improve patient outcomes.”