Comprehensive system debuts with initial module allowing health care providers to schedule tests, procedures, or appointments


GoMeyra MD, a next-generation health care management platform featuring a suite of modules for medical professionals to comprehensively manage patient care and electronic health care records, including a proprietary telehealth application. (Credit: Business Wire)

GoMeyra, an innovative cloud software company dedicated to providing enterprise technological solutions for medical laboratories, has launched a next generation health care management platform, GoMeyra MD, a suite of modules giving medical professionals the software needed for comprehensively managing patient care and electronic health care records, including a proprietary telehealth application.

The first module available is the Scheduler – a web interface providing doctors, medical practitioners and health care workers the ability to view and schedule tests, procedures, or appointments.

GoMeyra MD is fully integrated with the GoMeyra LIMS, its premiere software solution that provides health care facilities and medical practices with an automated, fully customizable, cloud-based laboratory information management system.

“When I created the GoMeyra LIMS after seeing the chaos in labs caused by the pandemic, I re-imagined a system that would change the industry’s antiquated technology infrastructure. Now, I am taking that ingenuity and technological expertise to challenge other sectors of the health care system to create more efficient and comprehensive platforms. A next generation health care management platform is the result of me listening to medical practitioners I work with and adapting technology to help make their practices run better,” said GoMeyra Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jaswant S. Tony.

For Medical Professionals

When fully released, GoMeyra MD will provide a number of modules for the health care professional, to safely and securely manage the lifecycle for patient care, including:

Billing – Revenue cycle management portal between payers and providers. GoMeyra’s integrated solution manages patient billing for a seamless user experience, limiting the number of applications medical professionals have to manage. Advanced capabilities include the ability for patients to provide co-payments before a scheduled appointment, and a clearinghouse portal where health care providers can submit secure electronic claims to insurance companies that increases the accuracy and speed of claims processed by the payer.

TeleHealth – Virtual clinic providing home health care options to those who can’t come to the office or would prefer to have a visit from the comfort of their home.

Physician Notes – Digital notes collected throughout the health care life cycle and consolidated from billing, prescription, and reporting processes for a streamlined, consolidated record.

Customizable Consents – Allows for the creation of consent forms that are relevant to that particular practice as well as electronically obtained medical questionnaires from patients.

For Patients

GoMeyra HEALTH, an online portal and mobile app for patients to digitally manage their health, will be available soon. Featuring a suite of modules, the platform will include a patient portal for scheduling and managing in-person appointments, as well as conducting telehealth appointments. GoMeyra PASS, launched in May 2021 as a free mobile app for sharing COVID-19 vaccination verification or RT-PCR and Rapid test results, will also be a part of GoMeyra HEALTH and continue to provide a simple, safe and secure way for patients to quickly and easily access any test results.

Additionally, GoMeyra PASS will offer a new eVaccine feature that will allow users to upload their vaccine records for an easy way to store and share proof of vaccination. Patients will also have the ability to self-register via a web link or QR code provided by participating health care partners.

Already in Use

Already changing the way many practices operate, the Scheduler has been adopted by Passport Health, Pro Am Sports Medicine and KSL Diagnostics, Inc., existing GoMeyra clients who welcomed the upgrade. The Scheduler can also be used by non-medical related businesses because of its customizable design and versatility to adapt to any industry.

“Many of our clients need a partner who can help with technology, and since our LIMS technology is more intuitive than anything they have seen in the market, they are looking to us for guidance. When GoMeyra MD is fully integrated, it will offer an array of easy-to-use technical options that will save both time and money,” noted Tony.

Source: Company Press Release