Daxor Corporation announced the receipt of a signed trial agreement from Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital of Fresno, California. Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital has made a major commitment to develop the largest dedicated Congestive Heart Failure management program in Central California. A specially trained team of nurses and technicians work closely with physicians to manage patients with chronic heart failure on an outpatient basis to avoid recurrent hospital admissions. The ability to measure blood volume will find great utility within this specialized program. Daxor’s Blood Volume Analyzer BVA-100 will be located within Fresno Heat & Surgical Hospital’s Nuclear Medicine Department. Dr. Kevin Boran, a cardiologist from the Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital’s Congestive Heart Failure Improvement Program, noted that, “A measured blood volume will provide a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool to diagnose and then treat fluid and blood requirements of our patients. We intend to utilize this diagnostic tool to contribute to improved outcomes and a reduction in the cost of care as it relates to our patients’ fluid needs.”