EarlySense announced that it will be completing the study of EverOn by Setember 2010.

EverOn is a patient-monitoring solution that delivers timely indications of changes in clinical parameters that may indicate the onset of medical distress. The monitoring of the patient begins automatically as soon as he or she enters the bed. The technology recognizes and reports data on the patient’s respiration, heart rate, movements and bed exit. EverOn’s multi-tech sensor units are disposable, making them convenient to use and reducing the risk of infections. EverOn facilitates rapid response for effective intervention at a critical stage: the onset of patient distress or deterioration. The real-time connection to the caregiver’s call system triggers an audible alarm, enabling a proactive response that may potentially avert medical crisis before they materialize. An aid for rapid response teams, EverOn also promotes optimal use of the available medical resources and manpower. EverOn facilitates getting medical attention to the patient’s bed as soon as early signs of changes in patient`s conditions are noticed. Once the system is in place, the nurse can assist the patient into the bed and move on to other duties knowing that the patient is continuously watched. EverOn uses an ultra-sensitive, contact-less sensor that is placed under the bed mattress. The bedside unit extracts and displays clinical data exactly like standard monitors, but without electrodes, cuffs or wires – maximizing patient comfort. The smart tracking in EverOn is automatically activated by patient presence.

This 1000 patient study is not yet open for participant recruitment. The official title of the study is “Evaluation of EverOn – A Contact-Free System for Measuring Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and Motion”.