CorNova Inc. announced that its Valecor Platinum Coronary Stent System has received CE mark approval. The Valecor Platinum is based on Nanofusion, a novel ion-based implantation technology. It represents a next-generation cobalt-chromium bare-metal stent. It presents pure platinum surface to both the lumen and artery wall providing protection from less biocompatible components inherent in all medical-grade alloys. Platinum offers superior biocompatibility and biostability. The stent also offers some of the thinnest struts available and that maximizes flexibility and conformability, while causing minimal inflammation and tissue damage during deployment.

The Valecor Platinum Coronary Stent System represents a major advancement over current offerings in the relatively undifferentiated $1 billion bare stent market, said S. Eric Ryan, M.D., chairman and chief executive officer of CorNova. Because of its highly biocompatible platinum surface and its novel open cell design, it has shown superior anti-restentotic performance compared to leading bare metal stents in preclinical studies.