The symposium featured a live case transmittion from The Heart Center Leipzig/Park Hospital in Leipzig, Germany, of a new drug-eluting balloon that was used as part of a clinical trial at last ISET 2009. Advance PTX is intended to increase long-term patency in patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and is coated with paclitaxel which is an antiproliferative drug that is used successfully to reduce the risk of arterial restenosis following angioplasty in coronary disease patients. Several products were introduced at ISET 2009 by Cook from its premier line of diagnostic and peripheral interventional devices, including its Approach CTO microwires. The Approach CTO microwires are the first .014-inch wires intended specifically for crossing chronic total occlusions and extremely tight lesions in the peripheral arteries, including the popliteal, SFA, and tibial arteries. The microwires are the latest peripheral diagnostic products that support the complete Leg Therapy, they provide a comprehensive line of advanced minimally invasive access products and interventional devices that addresses the anatomical challenges of treating peripheral arterial disease in the legs.