The HER-2 Study is led by the Cancer Institute and Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences with Dr Yuankai Shi as the principal investigator. China Medical is the supplier of HER-2 FISH in the study.

China Medical said that one of the subjects of the research project is to standardise the process and procedures for the use of FISH technology to detect HER-2 gene amplification in breast cancer and stomach cancer patients to guide the use of Herceptin (HER-2 Study).

China Medical claimed that the HER-2 Study is the first study in China to include FISH technology as the gold standard in HER-2 gene amplification detection.

The company believes that the results of the HER-2 Study may contribute to more widespread use of its HER-2 FISH probe in the companion diagnostic test market in China for guiding treatment for breast cancer and stomach cancer.

Xiaodong Wu, chairman and CEO, said: “We believe that our selection as the supplier of HER-2 FISH probe in the HER-2 Study by the top ranking cancer research institute demonstrates the good quality of our HER-2 FISH probe.”