Entry into surgical scrubs market

Cardinal Health is entering the surgical scrubs market with the introduction of the ENDURA performance apparel line of high-performance, custom-fit surgical apparel. The launch of the ENDURA line of performance apparel marks the first radical innovation in surgical scrubs since the 1960s.

ENDURA performance apparel is inspired by high-tech athletic wear and is made from an advanced synthetic material that is breathable and flexible to keep surgeons and nurses dry and comfortable, even after multiple hours in the O.R. To help regulate body temperature, ENDURA performance apparel utilizes ACTIVE MOISTURE MANAGEMENT technology to transfer excess moisture from the surface of the skin and transports it to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates quickly, allowing the body to cool naturally. This new material is also abrasion- and tear-resistant, making it more durable and nearly doubling the number of uses versus traditional scrubs.

Additionally, ENDURA performance apparel offers surgeons and nurses surgical apparel with a unique custom fit. Sizing is based on research of the actual dimensions of thousands of health care workers in the U.S., and the cut of the shirt and pant follow the natural line of the body, eliminating the bulky feel and appearance of traditional scrubs.

High-tech fluid collection and disposal system

Cardinal Health is also introducing the ORwell fluid collection and disposal system, created in collaboration with frontline health care professionals, including operating room nurses and infection control specialists. The ORwell™ fluid collection and disposal system is the only closed fluid collection disposal system that utilizes a single-use disposable collection disc with a 20 liter liner. The closed-system design protects clinicians and patients from splashes and inadvertent biohazard exposure, and the single-use feature protects from cross-contamination and cleanliness issues related to re-useable containers.

The ORwell fluid collection and disposal system is designed with a low center of gravity and weighs one-third less than competitive systems for easy maneuverability through hallways, doorways and crowded operating rooms. The mobile device docking station automatically initiates and terminates the disposal process.

“The ENDURA line of performance apparel and the ORwell fluid collection and disposal system are two new innovations that fill unmet needs in today’s operating rooms,” said Mike Lynch, chief executive officer for Cardinal Health’s Medical segment. “Improving clinician comfort and safety, increasing procedure efficiency and protecting patients are the hallmarks of Cardinal Health’s offerings to the O.R.”

Advances in automated medical supply dispensing

Cardinal Health is introducing the Pyxis ProcedureStation system with Tissue and Implant module1, an industry-first, fully integrated system that helps hospitals meet The Joint Commission standards for the tracking of tissues, biologics and other implantables. The Tissue and Implant Module is fully integrated with the secure, closed-loop automated Pyxis system and creates an electronic chain of custody record from the hospital loading dock to post-implant tracking. The new system improves recall response time, charge capture and workflow efficiency.

The company is also introducing an industry-first integration of its point-of-use supply dispensing technology with operating room management information systems. Pyxis ProcedureStation system integration with Picis2 OR Manager automatically incorporates surgical supply information directly into patient records, which can dramatically improve perioperative clinicians’ daily workflow. The ability to chart, charge and reorder with a touch of a button allows nurses to spend less time on non-clinical activities and more time on patient care. Improved charge capture, case billing accuracy, revenue cycle management and case costing processes help promote patient safety, regulatory compliance and an increased hospital revenue stream.

V. Mueller and Snowden-Pencer surgical instruments

Cardinal Health previewed a new product that is coming soon from its line of surgical assist products. A new laparoscopic camera controller1 will provide surgeons with a new option for holding and stabilizing cameras used in laparoscopic surgery. The new camera controller will help drive efficiencies in laparoscopic surgical procedures.

The company also previewed its second-generation Snowden-Pencer DIAMOND-TOUCH DIAMOND DRIVE instruments1 coming soon for laparoscopic procedures. The minimally-invasive blue-handled instruments include an ergonomically contoured handle that allows for a variety of gripping positions.

A new module for Cardinal Health’s IMPRESS instrument tracking Web-based software program was also unveiled. The module provides a new method for tracking sterilization parameters within central supply locations. This is the latest advancement for the IMPRESS software program, the company’s unique software program dedicated to helping improve productivity and capture information to help support infection prevention processes within central supply.

The company also introduced a new Clean Port Kerrison Ronguer for spine and bone procedures from its V. Mueller line of surgical instruments. The new Clean Port Kerrison Rongeur features a flushable port with internal channels that allow it to stay virtually free of bio-burden after every cleaning cycle.

Lean Six Sigma consulting service

The new Value Stream Mapping service uses Lean Six Sigma methodology to help guide hospitals toward increased efficiency by identifying bottle necks within their current processes, material and information flows. Through collaborative communication and systematic evaluation, hospitals can visualize and analyze areas with costly waste and delays, and create blueprints for process improvements using additional Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques. Cardinal Health helps facilitate these process improvements leading to reduced costs, streamlined workflows, diminished cycle times, increased revenue streams and improved patient and employee satisfaction.

“From surgical instruments to automation in the O.R. and Lean Six Sigma implementation at our customer sites, our products and services help hospitals improve safety and efficiency during surgeries,” said Dwight Winstead, chief operating officer for Cardinal Health’s Clinical and Medical Products segment, which is planned to be spun off later this year into a separate publicly traded company named CareFusion. “The O.R. will continue to be an important focus area for the new CareFusion Corporation, which will be among the largest medical technology companies with a primary focus on patient safety.”

The company introduced the new products at the 56th annual congress of the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses being held March 14-19 in Chicago. Cardinal Health is exhibiting in booth number 400.