The FeverScan thermal scanner system works by reading the facial temperature of people within its view. It is a non-invasive mass screening tool that health officials can use to single out people who need closer examinations. Individuals with elevated body temperatures above a predefined value, such as in the case of a fever, can be visually identified and then further assessed by health personnel.

Fever scanning systems were first implemented for use at airports during the 2003 SARS outbreak, and demand for this type of thermal screening has been strong during the current swine (H1N1) flu pandemic.

We are pleased to be able to assist governments and businesses with our product in an effort to contain an extremely serious infectious disease, noted James Zahn, Cantronic’s President and CEO. Based on our continued success in providing thermal scanners for fever detection as well as more countries are racing to protect its people during the current swine (H1N1) flu pandemic, we have continued to received calls from all over the world. The number of inquiries and product orders during the past few months is a testament to the quality and reliability of our FeverScan thermal imaging camera system.