British Columbia Cancer Agency has chosen RainDance Technologies' new Thunderstorm System.

The ThunderStorm System is a fully-automated sequencing solution which utilizes the company’s proprietary microdroplet-based technology, which aids researchers to process up to 96 samples per run on a platform that generates higher-quality data faster.

The system also supports targeted sequencing applications including candidate gene lists, deep sequencing of heterogeneous tumor samples, regions of association and signaling pathways.

British Columbia Cancer Agency said over the next two years, it aims to sequence a large number of samples from patients with hereditary predisposition to various cancers.

The data collected through this project will be used as the basis to guide clinical management, claims British Columbia Cancer Agency.

RainDance Technologies chief marketing officer Andy Watson said the ThunderStorm System is well suited for cancer research projects that require the rapid, high-resolution analysis of specific genes of interest.