“We pride ourselves on delivering the best value to our customers, enabling them to improve patient outcomes,” said Caroll H. Neubauer, chairman and chief executive officer of B. Braun Medical “Our advanced, quality products enhance safety and efficiency, while still remaining cost-effective. With access to B. Braun’s broad range of anesthesia products, we are confident that HealthTrust’s membership will benefit from this partnership.”

B. Braun will provide its anesthesia products to HealthTrust effective November 1, 2009. This will allow HealthTrust members access to B. Braun’s full line of first-class regional anesthesia trays – including Perifix continuous and single-dose epidural trays. Perifix continuous trays feature the atraumatic Perifix FX springwound epidural catheters with open or closed tip.

In addition, B. Braun’s Contiplex Stim Stimulating Catheter – a catheter optimized for nerve stimulation and easily visible under ultrasound – will be available for HealthTrust member use. The Contiplex Stim system is designed to help simplify catheter placement by removing as many procedural steps as possible that otherwise divert attention from the patient.

The agreement also includes B. Braun’s Espocan combined spinal epidural needles, which give the anesthesia provider the ability to perform Combined Spinal Epidural (CSE) with one of the most technically advanced CSE devices. In addition to those products listed above, HealthTrust members will also have access to B. Braun’s Pencan Pencil Point and Spinocan Quincke Spinal Needles, the Stimuplex A and D Series Single Shot Block Needles and Nerve Stimulators, and Contiplex Tuohy Continuous Block Sets.