AuDNet's, an audiology care consumer education web site, has joined forces with Oaktree Products, to leverage key assets of both organisations in order to raise awareness about audiology care and the importance of hearing loss prevention in the US.

The free hearing protection devices, dispensed by AuDNet Preferred Provider Community members, will be available to consumers until July 31, 2010. The complimentary hearing protection devices can be used during every day noisy activities such as mowing the lawn, using loud tools, and attending noisy events or concerts.

Bob Kemp, president of Oaktree Products, said: “We are excited for this opportunity to join forces with a company that shares our dedication to raising awareness about audiology care, while providing consumers with the tools they need to make well-informed decisions about their hearing health care needs.

“AuDNet’s ongoing efforts to promote audiology to consumers through fills a need that is somewhat lacking in the industry, and we are happy to be a part of their drive to educate the public.”

Added Kathy Foltner, chief executive officer of AuDNet: “By aligning our efforts with industry leaders like Oaktree Products, our goal of reaching millions of consumers with important messages about audiology care can be realized. This is truly a win-win opportunity, not only for AuDNet and Oaktree Products, but for audiologists and consumers as well.”

Reportedly, US audiologists can get involved with AuDNet and Oaktree Products’ effort to offer 1,000 free hearing protection devices to consumers by becoming part of the AuDNet Preferred Provider Community.