Company CEO Craig Corrance sees a clear rationale for the move. “Early in the company’s life we had a real need to be in New Haven, more specifically near Yale University where our product evolved from, and we have enjoyed a terrific relationship with Yale developing the technology that ultimately became our Stabilimax System. But the new facility in Rocky Hill will allow us to expand, grow, and reach our objectives, offering us the chance to consolidate our three former separate office spaces into one purpose-fitted unit. This will be significantly more efficient for our team and result in a far more comfortable working environment.”

CFO Terry Brennan adds, “As the company moves closer to the commercialization of the Stabilimax System, it becomes increasingly important to have a building that is fitted to our specifications for product testing, management of surgical instruments and implants, and also be convenient for the growing number of surgeon and industry visitors to our site. Our new location is about a forty minute drive from Hartford’s Bradley International Airport, which makes it very suitable for day visits to Applied Spine.”