Mortara Instrument is a company into non-invasive electrocardiography (ECG) products. The Ultima CardiO2 is a part of Angeion’s MedGraphics product line, incorporates an integrated 12-lead ECG from Mortara Instrument to enhance testing capabilities, making the system a complete metabolic stress testing solution that provides true breath-by-breath analysis. This enables clinicians to quickly and efficiently measure key pulmonary, cardiopulmonary and nutritional functions.

Rodney Young, president and CEO of Angeion, said: “We first unveiled the Ultima CardiO2 in 1993. By partnering with Mortara, we are able to enhance the system’s ECG element with the electrocardiography technology available today.

“The latest Ultima CardiO2 is a system that offers complete pulmonary function assessment in hospital laboratories, cardiopulmonary exercise testing in rehabilitation and sports medicine centers, and nutritional assessment in critical care units around the globe.”

Justin Mortara, CEO of Mortara Instrument, said: “Combining MedGraphics’ pulmonary technology with our Veritas ECG algorithms and technology components brings two companies together, resulting in a solution for cardiopulmonary stress testing. Together, we’re helping clinical professionals at every level access essential information to non-invasively assess and successfully manage their patient’s care across the health continuum.”