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Oliver Wight EAME - Business Transformation Specialists

About Oliver Wight EAME

Today’s business climate is always evolving and, as a consequence, business leaders are constantly responding to the ever-increasing demands placed on them from customers, suppliers, employees, government authorities, or even their community.

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ABOUT Oliver Wight EAME

SECTOR: Company Insight

Today’s business climate is always evolving and, as a consequence, business leaders are constantly responding to the ever-increasing demands placed on them from customers, suppliers, employees, government authorities, or even their community.


As unforeseen opportunities, challenges, and expectations arise, ‘fire-fighting’ is often the initial response. To combat this, some organizations decide to implement the latest technology initiative to improve performance, typically generating additional cost, disruption, and unplanned activity leading to inefficiency or limited results at best.


Oliver Wight are a team of fresh thinking and experienced business improvement specialists with a steadfast commitment to helping clients achieve their ambitions. Using an integrated approach to improvement and change management Oliver Wight clients can dedicate time and effort to activities that create value.


The originators of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and a pioneer in supply chain design, optimization, and performance benchmarking, Oliver Wight work with clients to improve business planning, demand management, supply chain management, product and portfolio management, strategic planning, and people and behaviours.


Prior to joining the team, every Oliver Wight Partner played a major role in improving business performance through successful transformation projects, holding senior positions in well-known companies across diverse industries, countries, and cultures.


What sets Oliver Wight apart from other consultancies is their unique approach to change management. They believe that change is not something they can do for clients or to clients. Instead Partners transfer their knowledge to clients through coaching, mentoring, and education to ensure it cascades throughout the organization, allowing organizations to make sustainable improvements now and in the future.


Each Oliver Wight improvement program is fully tailored to meet the client’s unique requirements. As a result, clients experience a superior way of working and are able to manage people, data, and processes effectively to allow senior teams to align strategy, business plans, operational plans, and desired financial outcomes across various time horizons.


Client benefits include increased revenue, improved operating margins, highly motivated staff, reduced inventory, and the rapid development and launch of new, more competitive products and services. Clients also harness the ability to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities ahead of time and make the right changes to deliver maximum bottom line results, keeping them a step ahead of the competition.


“So far, we estimate that process improvements and efficiencies have delivered savings of approximately €2 million. The results are visible in many areas across the business: manufacturing efficiency has improved; we’ve reduced stock; improved customer service; and introduced new initiatives to boost purchasing performance and create a truly continuous improvement culture throughout the company.” – Doctor Egiziano Iencinella, Supply Chain Director at Acraf-Angelini.


To find out more visit oliverwight-eame.com, email hello@oliverwight.com, or follow Oliver Wight EAME on LinkedIn.


Oliver Wight EAME LLP

The Willows
The Steadings Business Centre
United Kingdom
+44 (0)1452 397 200

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Educational Workshops

Our hands-on application workshops enable understanding not only of Integrated Business Planning but also its core supporting processes, demand, supply, and product portfolio management. And because your organization’s capability in IBP is impacted by what happens in the short term, you’ll also find workshops for processes that support high-performance in the supply chain execution window.

Integrated Business Planning

Led by your executive team, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a common-sense process designed for effective decision-making. It allows senior management to plan and manage your entire organization over a 24-month horizon or more, aligning strategic and tactical plans each month, and allocating critical resources, people, equipment, inventory, materials, time, and money; to satisfy your customers in the most profitable way.

Planning & Control

Planning and Control includes the best and most credible view of customer demand plans, supported by the integration of product development plans, plus aligned planning and control disciplines in your operating and manufacturing units. It creates a seamless closed-loop planning system through the communication of valid plans and information to suppliers, warehouses, distribution facilities, and transportation providers.

Demand Management

Demand Management includes all aspects of deploying your company’s value proposition to the marketplace. Market, channel, customer, and consumer activities are driven from a strategic level through market and market segment roadmaps.

Supply Chain Management

Organizations that optimize their supply chains improve their perfect order rating by an average of 17%, at the same time reducing supply chain costs by up to 50%. Oliver Wight Supply Chain Management combines blue-sky thinking with the realities of your existing supply chain footprint and infrastructure; it’s a practical, proven approach, which brings substantial performance benefits.

Product & Portfolio Management

Product and Portfolio Management includes all aspects of planning and managing your product and services portfolio, allowing your business to take control of its future growth in line with your business strategy. Strategic market, product, and portfolio roadmaps informed by consumer and customer insights drive detailed product and portfolio planning and execution activities.

Integrated Tactical Planning

Integrated Tactical Planning (ITP) operates within the short-term horizon, inside the ‘planning time fence’, where focus moves from planning to effective execution, and when expenditure on variable and semi-variable expenses begins. The successful deployment of ITP will define and calm the process of management and communication within the one- to three-month tactical horizon, integrating the key functions within your organization, and ultimately leading to improvements in customer service, inventory levels, and other key metrics.

Analyze. Redefine. Transform.

Organizations are typically used to managing one disruptive influence at a time, but they now need to deal with rapid externally driven changes with little to no time to prepare before the next disruptor hits. Instead of relying on what has worked in the past, business leaders must recalibrate challenges, aspirations, and direction to understand their organization better, create company alignment and prioritize the many competing opportunities available to them.

Enterprise Business Planning

Enterprise Business Planning (EBP) is a set of super solutions incorporating digital planning capability, designed to link global strategy directly to execution across multiple time horizons. It is the evolution of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and defined as a common planning framework that allocates scarce resources, aligned with company strategy, to dynamically adjust to market demands by integrating Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Supply Chain to consistently win profitably in the market. EBP breaks down functional silos and aligns the business behind a single plan.

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Scenario Planning Trigger Points – Creating an Integrated Response to Scenarios

Scenario Planning is crucial to the response and recovery to changes in our environment. This has always been true and is talked about everywhere in business planning today. Leading companies are learning how to consistently implement scenario planning to sense and respond to triggers in a way that protects and promotes the business. In this white paper, we will provide insights on how to best utilize Integrated Scenario Planning as a decision-making tool by understanding Trigger Points, Response Plans, and related Roles & Responsibilities.

Download White Paper
From Disorder to Agility – How Integrated Business Planning Can Help Companies Become Disruptors

Business disruption is a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to spell disaster. By following a structured, Integrated Business Planning process across the organization, companies can put in place robust processes, supported by embedded technologies, that let them anticipate and mitigate damaging impacts of disruptive events. Meanwhile, teams are empowered with the insights required to make rapid, informed decisions that can help a business proactively create new opportunities and become a successful market disruptor.

Download White Paper
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Oliver Wight EAME and SAP form alliance to offer industry-leading business planning and technology solutions Oliver

It's our pleasure to announce that business transformation specialist, Oliver Wight EAME has formed an alliance with leading enterprise application software provider, SAP, to deliver significant innovation in the business planning arena. Combining their extensive experience, knowledge and resources, the partnership will enable companies to better serve their customers, helping those businesses to effectively execute against their strategic ambitions in this era of digital disruption.

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Pfizer Freiburg

Even long-established, successful sites still have many opportunities for improvement – Pfizer Freiburg has just achieved Class A status in Integrated Business Management (S&OP) thanks to a 12-month programme to boost performance, and balance supply and demand.

Mölnlycke Health Care

Over the past two years global medical devices manufacturer, Mölnlycke Health Care, has implemented Oliver Wight Integrated Business Planning. Anders Klinton and Don Harding of Mölnlycke talk about the challenges they faced, and how they have reengineered the business to align the supply chain, planning and strategy en route to achieving Class A status.

Australian Red Cross

Ensuring sufficient red cell inventory by blood group is a tremendous challenge for blood services across the world. But the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, with the help of business improvement specialists Oliver Wight is aligning supply with demand to improve its efficiency across the board.

Acraf Angelini

Italian pharmaceutical and healthcare product manufacturer, Acraf-Angelini, has seen a step-change in its operations thanks to its Sales & Operations Planning project with Oliver Wight. The company has achieved Class A performance, and boosted efficiency and service levels, generating savings of €2 million.

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Contact Oliver Wight EAME
Contact Oliver Wight EAME

Oliver Wight EAME - Business Transformation Specialists