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maxon motor - High-Precision Drive Systems

About maxon motor

maxon motor develops and builds precision drive systems. Our DC motors with ironless windings are among the best in the world. They are used wherever the requirements are high and engineers cannot afford compromises. maxon motors drive NASA's Mars rovers. They can also be found in insulin pumps, surgical power tools, humanoid robots, and in precision industrial applications.

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ABOUT maxon motor

SECTOR: Devices

SUB SECTOR: Drug Delivery     

SPECIALITY: Drug Delivery

maxon motor develops and builds precision drive systems. Our DC motors with ironless windings are among the best in the world. They are used wherever the requirements are high and engineers cannot afford compromises. maxon motors drive NASA's Mars rovers. They can also be found in insulin pumps, surgical power tools, humanoid robots, and in precision industrial applications.

Besides brushless and brushed DC motors, we offer flat motors with iron core – and also planetary and spur gearheads, spindle drives, encoders and control electronics.

Our many years of experience are of great benefit to customers. Since 1961, maxon’s engineers have been real partners when it comes to finding specific solutions. Prototypes, custom systems, or large series: whatever the requirement, we are happy to be of assistance with our global sales network, six production sites, and more than 2,100 employees.

Maxon motor helps provide contemproary solutions at competitive prices for numerous functions in various markets, such as:

  • Medical technology
  • Industrial automation
  • Security technology
  • Instrumentation
  • Communications
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer applications

Maxon DC motors are processed in:

Three Multileaf Collimator

ViewRay collaborated with Maxon motors for important components, including a custom motherboard, DC motors, encoders, gearheads and individual motor control modules to design the Three Multileaf Collimator.


World headquarters

maxon motor ag
Development and production of micromotors,
drive systems and control electronics
Brünigstrasse 220
P.O. Box 263
CH-6072 Sachseln
Tel.:+41 41 – 666 15 00
Fax:+41 41 – 666 16 50

maxon motor GmbH, Sexau
Development and production of gearheads and ceramic components
Untere Ziel 1
DE-79350 Sexau
Tel.:+49 7641 – 91 14 -0
Fax:+49 7641 – 91 14 14

maxon motor hungary kft, Veszprém
Production of sub-assemblies
Tartu u. 4.
HU-8200 Veszprém

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Innovative High-Tech CIM and MIM Components

maxon motor GmbH in Sexau, Germany not only develops and produces standard and special gearheads, but also has in-depth knowledge and expertise in powder injection molding for highly complex components.

maxon DC Motor

maxon DC motors are high-quality motors fitted with powerful permanent magnets. At the core of the motor, is the unique ironless maxon winding. For you, this means cutting-edge technology in compact, powerful and low inertia drives.

maxon EC (BLDC) motor

The electronically commutated EC motors are characterized especially by their favorable torque characteristics, high power, extremely broad speed range and, of course, by their unsurpassed service life.

maxon Motor Control

The maxon motor control program contains servo amplifiers for controlling the fast reacting maxon DC and EC motors.

maxon Sensor

Robust encoders, DC tachometers, and resolvers with high accuracy and high signal resolution. Due to resonance, these are mainly mounted on motors with a continuous shaft. The assembly requires adjustment to the motors and may only be done in the delivery plant.

maxon Gearhead

Precision spur- and planetary gearheads matched to maxon motors. Gears are advantageously adapted directly to the desired in the delivery planet. The motor pinion is the input gearwheel for the first stage and is rigidly affixed to the motor shaft.

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Surgical Robots for Minimally Invasive Procedures

The latest, next generation surgeries are being performed today using Intuitive Surgical Inc.'s (Sunnyvale, CA) da Vinci™S HD Surgical System, which allows surgeons to perform the most minimally invasive procedures to date. The system incorporates the height of motion control technologies so that every motion provides the smooth, accurate movements reminiscent of a skilled surgeon - even at slow, calculated speeds.

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Getting a Second Grip on life

Losing a hand in a tragic event turns everyday tasks into a constant battle. Nothing is the way it was before and even small things suddenly seem impossible. The high-tech Michelangelo Hand prosthesis gives back quality of life to people who lose a hand. maxon DC brushless motors play an important role.

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Keeping Muscles in Shape

For paraplegic people, rehabilitation is frequently a long process; this is why methods and technology that optimise these measures for the patient are so important. At the Bern University of Applied Sciences, many years of research has led to the development of a recumbent trike with electrical stimulation. The patient's movements are supported by a maxon flat motor.

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Robotic Exoskeleton: For a Better Quality of Life

Worldwide, an estimated 185 million people use a wheelchair daily. A company based in Auckland (New Zealand) has developed innovative robotic technology that helps people with mobility impairment get back on their feet: the robotic exoskeleton from Rex Bionics. The integrated maxon motors ensure smooth limb movement.

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Trusting the Next Step

Enjoying life to the fullest – Taking carefree strolls through shopping malls, cycling with friends or perhaps going on a mountain hiking tour. With the right leg prosthesis, being active can be part of day-to-day life again. Ottobock and maxon motor give people a new quality of life.

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Efficient Pump System for Improved Quality of Life

Implantable pump systems are used to treat many medical conditions – including ascites. Severe disorders are frequently the cause for this symptom. To control the fluid that has collected in the abdomen, Sequana Medical has developed an active implant. In these devices, maxon EC motors are responsible for trouble-free running and smooth pump motion.

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Automatic Controller Setting for Electric Drives

Perfect control of current, speed and position is a fundamental requirement for modern positioning control. However, optimum setting of all control parameters and feed-forward control values is by no means trivial. An intelligent, automated setting procedure handles this complex task.

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EPOS4 Positioning Controller

maxon motor's EPOS range of controllers has been very successful in the marketplace. Since its launch in 2005, more than 100,000 units are in use worldwide. To build upon this success, the Swiss drive specialist launches the EPOS4 as the next generation of positioning controllers.

DevicesDrug Delivery

ESCON Module 24/2 Servo Motor Controller

As addition to the successful ESCON servo controller family, maxon motor presents another miniaturised, postage stamp-sized OEM plug-in module. The high-performance 4-quadrant PWM servo motor controller is designed to command permanent-magnet-activated brushed DC motors and BLDC motors (brushless DC motors, so-called EC motors) with Hall sensors up to 48W continuous output and 144W peak output. As part of the ESCON family it stands for high usability, exceptional performance, and unprecedented power density in servo motor controller technology. More comfort, functionality, protection, and performance can hardly be attained.

DevicesDrug Delivery

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maxon motor: High-performance motion control in practice

Fast control technology and dynamic, precise drive components increase the production output of machines and improve the quality and dimensional accuracy of products. This enables machine builders to offer competitive, high-performance solutions. Producers benefit from higher output quantities, and the customer gets a better product. Everybody wins.

One Wheelchair For All Situations

Students at ETH Zurich have developed a wheelchair that can climb stairs. Is this the future for people with walking disabilities?

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maxon motor - High-Precision Drive Systems